We offer the fastest and easiest way for bars, restaurants, coffee shops and cafes to provide their customers with a custom branded mobile app.
Available on both Android & iPhone platforms apptasia can help you build brand loyalty and create repeat customers.

Features include...

  • Loyalty coupon system
  • Mobile Food Ordering System
  • Show full Menus
  • GPS based directions
  • Promote special dining events and menus
  • Push Notifications

Get your business connecting with your customers today with an apptasia app. With several pricing options available you could be up and running for a lot less than you would imagine!

iPhone apps from apptasia.. 

With our revolutionary content management and development suite you can create, edit and maintain your custom iPhone app at anytime.
  • creoles front page small
  • creoles food page small
  • creoles food2 small
  • creoles events small


Android apps form apptasia

  • surlatable samsung front screen small
  • surlatable samsung events
  • surlatable samsung food
  • surlatable samsung food2
  • surlatable samsung gallery
  • surlatable samsung nearby
  • surlatable samsung location
 Get your Android apps designed, built and uploaded into the Play store with easy using the apptasia mobile app content manegement platform


Mobile HTML 5 apps..

Get your mobile HTML 5apps designed, built and uploaded online with ease using the apptasia mobile app content manegement platform
  • winmobile prego1
  • winmobile prego2
  • winmobile prego3
  • winmobile prego4
  • winmobile prego5
  • winmobile prego6
  • winmobile prego7
  • winmobile prego8

Maitre'D EPoS

Check out how our Maitre'D EPoS software can work with our Mobile Apps.


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Shortly be releasing an integration with ResDiary

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Working on Mobile Apps for Catex show in Dublin

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Putting finishing touches to newest apptasia client apps...

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